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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, round two. just days after that record-breaking blizzard, another hit of fresh snow for the midwest and northeast. as we track the storm this morning, look at these people falling one by one through thin ice. >> give me the rope from under the seat. fiscal cliffhanger. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it's now. >> t-minus three days until everyone's taxes go up. the politicians are in a mad scramble this morning. so, what are the odds of a deal to prevent disaster? the price of fashion. are your skinny jeans a health risk? why doctors are warning of nerve damage, abdominal pain, heart burn, even blood clots. "x factor" ax?
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is britney spears about to lose her job as a judge on a talent show? why simon cowell reportedly thinks she's toxic to the show's success. and good morning, everyone. we've got a lot to get to this last week of 2012. can you believe this year is almost over? and of course, we're going to start the show with weather. take a look at snow falling overnight in illinois. the year ending with a one-two punch of nasty winter weather for much of the country. ginger zee will tell us how it will affect your travel plans. the second storm in just a matter of days. >> nothing makes ginger happier than a big winter storm. we'll talk to her in just a moment. speaking of travel. this is exactly what you do not want to hear after you've ponied up for a luxury christmas cruise on "the queen mary 2." the captain warning passengers not to use the public bathrooms or eat at the buffet. there's a virus spreading this morning. we'll have that coming up.
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>> cdc is investigating now. and battling a stomach bug is not an ideal to lose weight. but shooting pounds is always at the top of the list for new year's resolutions. if that's your plan, we have a feline that can help. meet tiny tim. in one year, this cat lost 20% of his body weight. we'll tell you his secrets and how they can help trim down your body in 2013. that's still ahead. >> he's an inspiration to all of us. we're going to start this morning with insult to injury. round two of back-to-back winter storms, right now, rolling through a huge swath of this country. the timing could not be worse for people trying to travel for the holidays, either get home or get somewhere else. abc's meteorologist ginger zee tracking the whole thing this morning. ginger, good morning. >> good morning, you guys. this new storm already dropped a half-foot of snow in mt. vernon, illinois. cincinnati, and jonesboro, getting a dusting. now, it moves to the northeast. it picks up intensity. it's going to drop nine inches in parts of southern new england. and we have winter storm warnings from ohio to
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massachusetts. it's an icy icing on the already frosted and dangerous roads. from southern illinois, where plows are working around the clock. to indianapolis, where the snow is making pre-new year's travel troubling. in arkansas, they were still reeling from up to a foot of fresh snow on christmas. then, got a few extra inches with this one. up to six inches will fall in some parts of central and southern ohio, where more than a dozen flights were grounded at the columbus national airport. the snowy side of the storm is moving through ohio, parts of pennsylvania. what we will see is it will mix in with another storm. new york city, southern connecticut, and south of boston going to get the biggest snow totals. let me show you what you can expect in the way of snow totals. the pink area is two to five inches, broad brush across parts of pennsylvania. upstate new york, you'll see a little bit more. see that maroon spot south of
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boston? that's where we get the five to ten-inch area. near a foot south of boston locally. it's going to be an interesting one. here at the airports, boston and new york included, in heavy delays today. and you have moderate delays back here. detroit, chicago, some cold and some wind going to affect them. los angeles will have rain. so, it doesn't just stop on the east coast. we have travel trouble in other places. but on the roads, anywhere in the pacific northwest could be a little slippery. and certainly, with this storm, again, from ohio all the way to maine. back to bianna. >> a travel nightmare for so many people. ginger, thank you. we're going to turn to the desperate, last-ditch effort to try to keep the country from falling off the fiscal cliff, sending everybody's taxes up and possibly sending the country into another recession. it's down to the wire with just three days left. and abc's lisa stark has the latest on the last-minute wheeling and dealing being done in washington. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. well, the next 24 hours are critical. the president this morning in his radio address, told
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lawmakers don't let washington politics get in the way of american progress. so, today, the last-ditch attempt to put together a deal is under way. and the ball is in the senate's court. there's nothing like a deadline to force action. the president met with congressional leaders friday for the first time in six weeks. then, proclaimed himself modestly optimistic. but warned -- >> the american people are watching what we do here. obviously, their patience is already thin. >> reporter: with the clock running out, here's the game plan. the democratic and republican leaders in the senate will spend today trying to hash out a bipartisan agreement. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> reporter: but if there is no deal, the president wants an up-or-down vote on measures he thinks can pass. extending tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less. and continuing unemployment benefits for the millions who will lose them when the new year strikes. >> that's the bare minimum that we should be able to get done. >> reporter: it's clear whatever
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happens, there is no time, now, for a grand bargain on the even tougher issues. cutting spending and raising the debt ceiling. >> we're going to end up with a small, kick the can down the road bill, that creates another fiscal cliff to deal with this fiscal cliff. how irresponsible is that? >> reporter: and as washington's still, the stock market burns. dropping for a sixth-straight day under this uncertainty. americans are burning up, too. >> this is america. they should be working for the american people. >> the parties are trying to outdo each other. >> can't believe we got this close. >> get in a room and don't come out of the room until you've got this thing taken care of. >> reporter: now, senate leaders say they hope to have a plan they can bring to the senate tomorrow. and by tomorrow night, the house is back in session. they could take up any plan that the senate passes. but no one here is holding their breath. >> no one is, indeed. for more on the big white
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house meeting, we want to bring in john avlon, political columnist at "the daily beast." a busy man covering all of this. how do you see this playing out? >> we're three days out. the good news is, nothing focuses than the prospect of being hanged. people in washington realize they are just days away from possibly putting this country back in recession. today, bianna, is the key day. saturday, today, the senators are meeting. they're going to try to come up with a bipartisan bill that could pass the house. if it doesn't work, the president has a fallback plan. to say on monday, new year's eve, vote on a plan that would keep taxes low for the middle class and extend unemployment benefits. that's a distant second choice. right now, everyone has to be hoping that this working weekend will finally produce results out of washington. >> you've been watching washington for a long time. are there any grown-ups in the house? do you have any optimism that these guys can come to some sort of agreement here? >> we saw last week, that speaker boehner doesn't control the far right of his caucus. the problem is the polarization of the two parties has made it
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much more difficult to come together with a deal. even, and this is the reality check, folks, 98% is agreed upon. both parties agree that 98% of americans shouldn't have their taxes raised. we're being held hostage by debate over the top 2%. that's a partisan divide. that's not just an ideological divide. every american stands to see their taxes raised in three days if they can't come to a deal. >> you agree they will probably come to a small deal. but the bigger issue could happen a couple of months from now, and that that's the debt ceiling, which we have to address, too. that's kicking the can down the road again. >> that's right. we're going to be here again. remember the debt ceiling debacle a year and a half ago? that led to the downgrading of our credit. national credit, for the first time. and the s&p blamed an atmosphere of partisanship. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again. we're going to be doing that over again in two months' time. but the rational questions americans have to ask themselves, is if we couldn't
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get anything done in the lame duck congress, after the election, politicians will be free to reason together. why should it be any different or any better in a new congress? >> what does it say about the state of our politics? that these elected officials manufactured a crisis and can't get themselves out of the box that they constructed? what does it say? >> it says that we don't have just an ideological divide. we have a crisis of self-government right now. to be real clear about it. this is a time bomb that congress set. nobody wants to see frustration cuts. but that's the stick they put to their own head as a way of compelling a deal to get done. and a deal doesn't get done. we're not even aiming for the grand bargain that is necessary to reduce long-term deficits and debt. we weren't that far from a deal two weeks ago. but we are today. we're going to get a patch and be here again in two months. congress can't get out of its own way. we keep setting our own traps. and we can't find a way to reason together. >> john, we appreciate the clarity, even if it's depressing. thank you very much. john avlon. a lot of other news developing overnight. for that, let's check in, as always, with mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir.
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>> hi, dan, bianna. mr. avalon, good morning, everyone. we begin in australia, with a confrontation with a shark. it cost a surfer two fingers and a chunk of his leg. the 29-year-old was surrounded by a pod of dolphins when the shark attacked yesterday. >> are you all right? >> yeah, i got my legs. i'm good. >> and witnesses say the man used his surfboard to fight off the shark. but the shark bit off two of his fingers. and sank its teeth into his legs. other surfers came to the man's aid until paramedics arrived. and police in new york city are searching for a woman who pushed a man to his death in front of an oncoming subway train. police are checking homeless shelters and psychiatric units for the woman seen in this surveillance video running away from the scene of that crime. authorities released a sketch of that suspect. investigators used a smartphone and a bottle prescription pills to identify the victim. he's 46-year-old sunando sen.
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he is the second person in a month to be pushed to his death in the new york city subway system. and the neighbor of the gunman who shot and killed two firefighters is now under arrest, accused of buying two of the guns in that deadly christmas eve ambush of firefighters in upstate new york. dawn young of rochester allegedly purchased the weapons in 2010 and gave them to william spengler, shown here, a convicted felon. spengler cannot legally buy guns for himself. police say spengler killed two volunteer firefighters in western new york and set a fire to lure the firefighters into a trap. spengler then killed himself. in california, a day of fishing turned deadly when two people were swept away by a large wave near the golden gate bridge. an adult and a juvenile were pulled into the ocean. they're bodies were found about 100 yards offshore. a third fisherman was also
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washed away when he made it back to land and waved for help. and former president george h.w. bush is said to be improving. but he remains in intensive care in a hospital in houston. a family spokesman says mr. bush is alert and in good spirits. he's been talking with his doctors and nurses. and i've heard singing. the 88-year-old former president has been hospitalized for more than a month now because of a bronchitis-related cough and fever. and finally, how is this for an unusual way to get rid of your old christmas tree. instead of dumping it in your front yard, you can serve it for dinner to goats. if you happen to live in rhode island. a petting zoo in rhode island, they're feeding the trees to dozen of goats. they eat them in perfect silence, as you hear there. apparently they like chomping on the pine needles. >> that was a cow. >> hang on, okay? it's not just goats. it seems lambs and cows, animal expert, dan harris, they also have a taste for christmas. >> interesting.
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>> make sure you remove the ornaments, though. >> leave them on there. a goat will eat anything. >> practical advice. remove the ornaments. thank you, ron. now, to what was supposed to be a floating island of of opulence but instead has turned into nausea on the high seas. >> an outbreak of a highly-contagious stomach virus on "the queen mary 2" is s disrupting vacations. matt gutman has more. >> reporter: the cdc is investigating two outbreaks of the stomach flu on cruise liners. 200 passengers aboard "the queen mary 2" reported vomiting and diarrhea this week. a bug believed to be the ultracontagious norovirus. the captain telling healthy passengers to avoid the buffet and quarantining the ill. >> any virus that is present can survive on doorknobs and
8:14 am
handrails and other things. >> reporter: and aboard another ship, "the emerald princess," which docked thursday in ft. lauderdale, another 194 taking ill. one of them posting on facebook that paramedics and staff were stretched. saying there aren't enough staff to get clean towels. and the room stewards are not allowed to come in the room. and a third ship, landing in galveston last week had another 100 illnesses. >> the famous transatlantic -- >> reporter: all aboard grand liners advertising comfort, luxury and fine dining. while there are no cures, the norovirus generally passes after a day or two. what can passengers do to minimize risk? >> i think passengers should wash their hands or sanitize them with alcohol rubs before they eat. and after they go to the bathroom. >> reporter: 16 ships reported stomach flu outbreaks this year. cruise lines point out it affects just a fraction of their 14 million annual passengers. little comfort to those spending their vacation in the infirmary. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami.
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>> feel for those people in a confined space, too. that's why it's so contagious. >> stuck. time for a check of the weather. over to ginger. hey, ginger. >> good morning. our attention now turns to a storm in the west. some of the cloud cover going to be pretty low-lying and some rain there in los angeles at 61. as this thing makes it onshore. places in california will get a half to one inch of rain. and the low-lying clouds, a little cool. a little breezy. some of the mountainous areas will have three to six inches of snow. seattle today, 42 for a high. portland, 39. now, all of the cold. it is some of the coldest air of the season. windchills this morning 20 below, bismarck. 4, rapid city. oklahoma city feels like 7 degrees. so, it's not just the northern plains. it's all the way down. dallas only feels like 22. memphis, 25. the windchill this morning. and the southeast has been a little wet. will be a little stormy for sure. may see some severe storms in parts of florida today.
8:16 am
orlando 75. miami, 84. but behind it, some cooler and drier air. tough when you have all of the fresh snow, the ice and everything that happened last week to get temperatures anywhere. now, from west-to-east, we fly across the nation. san antonio, 55 and drier there. that's part of the cooler and drier air. and remember, the snowstorm moving through the northeast and southern new england. south of boston could get six to ten inches of snow. >> so, if you send me your twitter photos, sometimes we get
8:17 am
into conversations. and this young lady who sends these photos is so great. brittany got this ring around the moon. i want to say, thank you so much. i love talking to you on twitter. and then, you've got the colorful sunrise from georgia. eric took that one for me. find me on twitter and share all of your weather photos. video, too. take video of yourself. we can always use it. >> it's not just viewers. we have abc employees sending you videos, as well. ginger, thank you. it's been a top fashion fad for the last few years. but could wearing those trendy skinny jeans land you in the doctor's office? >> it's one of the major reasons why i personally don't wear skinny jeans. abc's rachel smith, is looking into whether hot pants can make you a hot mess. rachel, good morning. >> good morning, guys. maybe feeling like a hot mess is more like it. it's probably fair to say that many of us have been a victim of fashion at some points in our lives. seeing people wearing the jeans
8:18 am
everywhere. skin-tight, painted on. and yes, they look great. but what if that trend pinches more than your wallet and crushes more than your ego? ♪ i got my tight pants on >> reporter: will ferrell may have mocked them on jimmy fallen. but everybody's still getting into them. the first family. taylor swift. even her new beau. all styling in their skinnies. but this fashion do may pose some troubling health don'ts. according to the medical community, those tight pants can squeeze more than your silhouette. temporarily pinching the nerves in your hip. causing something called myrrh meralgia paresthetica. >> it's a sore that occurs when one of the nerves that runs in the outer part of the thigh gets compressed. and pressure on it causes symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain. >> reporter: other possible
8:19 am
health hazards, abdominal pain, heartburn, even blood clots. but most fashionistas outside our studios were willing to take the risk. circulation problems, potential health risks stop you from wearing this trend? >> no. it looks too good. >> reporter: if you're going to sport the skinny, doctors say go stretchy and give your body a little room to breathe. another tip -- and ditch the heels. they only increase circulation problems. >> because the pelvis tilts some, it can further accentuate the pressure that's caused. >> reporter: and the tight tend continues to squeeze society one leg at a time. ♪ everyone in town loves my tight pants ♪ ♪ i got my tight pants i got my tight pants on ♪ >> reporter: just remember to wear them responsibly. that video is something, right? all jokes aside, these risks will continue as long as the style is trendy. if you had to do a lunge, squat
8:20 am
or an awkward stretch to get into those pants, you should probably toss them back into the closet. we're all guilty of it. put them out of the washer. and do the lunge and the squat. >> those are good tips. stretchy. and get some that fit. >> absolutely. >> dan, you don't have to give up the idea of wearing skinny pants. >> i should have stayed out of this entire conversation. thanks, rachel. we appreciate it. as we prepare to make our new year's resolutions, there's one individual from whom we can all draw inspiration. his name is tim. he is a morbidly obese feline. there he is. >> that's right. his name is tiny tim, actually. and for the last year, he has followed a strict diet and exercise plan. abc's clayton sandell has the amazing results. >> reporter: need a little inspiration for your new year's resolution? >> all right, handsome. >> reporter: look no further than tiny tim. >> he is a big boy. >> reporter: last december, this tubby tabby tipped the scales at
8:21 am
35 pounds. but after one year and hard work, he lost a whopping 25% of his body weight. all right. that is a big cat. and now, i'm about to learn his tips for new year's success. step one, exercise. ♪ >> we moved his food bowl away from his room. he has to make the stroll several times a day to get the food. >> reporter: step two, cut the calories. tim's down to about 300 a day. that was helping. >> he was losing weight. he was losing slowly and steadily, like we wanted him to. and he just hit a plateau. >> reporter: until the staff caught tim cheating. sneaking dog food. that leads us to step three. no more snacks. >> he would never leave a kibble or a crumb on the floor. but he was having midnight snacks every night. >> reporter: tiny tim's not
8:22 am
finished with his resolutions. his goal is to get to a svelte 15 pounds by the end of 2013. >> he should motivate us all. if he can do it, we can do it. >> reporter: a little feline inspiration, for reaching the purrfect weight. clayton sandell, abc news, houston. >> he'd eat anything. even dog food. >> i'm totally inspired. coming up, chaos on thin ice. a sledding excursion, gone horribly wrong. a dozen people going under and it was caught on tape. after the break, we'll tell you how the rescue mission came out. plus, fired from "x factor." is pop star britney spears' one-season run coming to an end? what simon cowell said about britney spears performance. and check out what this kid can do with a washing machine. we'll show you his story coming up after a quick break. this is "gma" on a saturday morning. keep it here. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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give me the rope from under the seat. >> take a look at this dramatic chain reaction, ice rescue in the mountains of california. one by one, these sledders plunging into the icy waters. and the whole thing was caught on tape. coming up, how all these people were saved in a matter of moments. 12 people falling into the ice. horrifying video. >> incredible video. we'll show you the rescue in a few minutes. good morning, america. i'm dan harris, alongside bianna golodryga on this saturday, december 29th. rarely has britney spears, she of the shaved head, and multiple marriages and trips to rehab, rarely has she been accused of being boring. but that's reportedly what simon cowell is saying about britney's performance on his show.
8:31 am
is she about to get the ax? >> this could cost her a lot of money in this case, as well. and what do you get a hollywood star, like kate winslet, who has just about everything? you'll never believe what superrich businessman mogul richard branson bought her as a wedding gift. he's a very creative man. >> it bears repeating, he is very rich. we're going to get to the ice rescue caught on tape. and ron is here with that. >> this happened in the mountains of southern california. it started off looking like an innocent, winter sledding outing for a while. then, suddenly, everything changed and went awry. the screams say it all. you're watching new video of a sledding excursion gone horribly wrong. the whole thing starts when a man falls into a freezing cold lake. and then, a chain reaction of sorts. one person after another, trying desperately to save him. and one person after another, getting sucked into the frigid
8:32 am
water, like a black hole. >> throw the rope out. lasso. pull him in. >> reporter: as the clock ticks, more men, women and children try to come to the rescue, only to slip into the ice themselves. a crowd gathered on the shore, as well, frantically screaming for help. >> call 911. right now. >> reporter: after five minutes, nearly a dozen people are in the water. while others throw ropes and inner tubes to no avail. >> give me the rope from under the seat. now. >> reporter: mickey herman pulled double duty. you can hear him calling for the rope to help in the rescue efforts, all the while capturing the whole ordeal on camera. >> when the people started going through the ice, it was just total panic. you saw people taking their belts off. it was total chaos and out of control. we thought that poor guy, the first one to go in, it was obvious, he didn't know how to swim. thought that might be it. we wouldn't see him again.
8:33 am
fortunately, he came back up. >> reporter: a harrowing nine minutes later, the man who first fell in, along with all of his would-be rescuers, managed to make it out of the water. and amazingly, all of them are doing just fine. and, dan, and, bianna, the thing they did wrong here, was to go on the ice to try to get someone out. people there had rope. they should have gotten the rope. easy for me to say now. it was a mistake to go out on the ice, as you saw. one person goes in, if you have rope, go for that immediately. that's the lesson. >> thank goodness they're all alive. >> good news that everyone's safe. a lot of news this morning. you have the headlines, too? >> oddly enough, i do. how did you know that? >> somebody told me. >> the fiscal cliff hanger in washington, d.c. is our lead item here. with just three days before the deadline. senators working on an 11th-hour deal to try to avoid middle-class tax hikes and deep
8:34 am
spending cuts that go into effect on the 1st of the new year. president obama is pushing lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to reach an agreement. and help may be on the way for victims of hurricane sandy. the senate approved a spending bill worth $60 billion. the measure heads to the house where some republican lawmakers are hesitating to approve the bill in the final days of the current session. and in maine, the first same-sex couples are legally exchanging vows today. the new law legalizing same-sex marriage went into effect at midnight, 12:01 a.m. today. some ceremonies were held overnight. same-sex marriage became legal in maryland on tuesday. become legal on tuesday. and finally, talk about living on the edge. in massachusetts, several homes on plum island are in danger of plunging into the atlantic ocean. thursday's storms and pounding waves are threatening their foundations.
8:35 am
two houses are said to be so unstable the homeowners can't even get inside to retrieve their belongings. now, time to ginger and the weather. >> i want to start with pittsburgh, getting almost five inches of snow after christmas. and getting more snow this morning. and they're about 27 or so getting up early this morning. some more cold air behind it. and the snowstorm we've been talking about before the broadcast, now moving into northeast new england. winter storm warnings there in pink. and the lows combine. it will be rainy in parts of the carolinas. but then, it will start to intensify and drop heavier snow in connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts, in the heart of where all that snow will intensify. back into parts of new york and pennsylvania. you'll still get snow, two to five inches in some places. higher elevations going to be a bit more. and we thought we'd touch on your new year's eve forecast. to find your place, lake-effect snow on that day.
8:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by macy's. dan and bianna? >> ginger, thank you. and coming up on "gma," is britney spears about to be x'd out of "the x factor." what simon cowell reportedly doesn't like about the job he's done as a judge. and is this a ploy to get out of doing chores? the 10-year-old and the washing machine and the video that's gone massively viral. keep it here.
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♪ i'm addicted to you britney spears has been on a reasonably good run of late. she got engaged last year. she managed to avoid any p.r. train wrecks recently. and she landed a role as a judge on "the x factor." >> but is the mature britney turning into a problem of its own? there are reports that simon cowell thinks she's too boring as a judge on his show. and is getting ready to fire her. abc's akiko fujita is here with
8:41 am
the latest. good morning, akiko. >> reporter: you may recall signing britney spears in may was a coup for the reality show. oh, what a difference seven months makes. one source tells "us weekly," producer simon cowell wanted crazy britney but got boring britney instead. it seemed like the perfect match. the multiplatinum princess of pop, cast to find the next big pop star. but britney spears' stint on "the x factor" may be one and done. >> most people won't like you. >> reporter: "us weekly" reports the singer is getting the boot from the fox reality show, after a disappointing season. >> simon cowell was expecting to get this crazy britney spears that, you know, people saw unravel over the past few years. but he actually got the boring britney that no one had ever really wanted to watch. >> you were amazing.
8:42 am
i think you were great. you were great. thank you. >> reporter: cowell has remained mum about the future of the show. but he talked on the jimmy kimmel a few months ago. >> britney has been a revelation on the show. she's been superb. >> reporter: spears would not comment on the rumors. but "x factor" representatives have denied the reports. saying no one has discussed next year's judging panel yet. any reports otherwise are complete speculation. but this wouldn't be the first time a show has shuffled its cast. cheryl cole was cut before the show even debuted. paula abdul, nicole scherzinger and host, steve jones, all ousted after the first season. all after a season where ratings fell by double-digits from last year. >> i definitely think producers brought britney on for the ratings. you know, they are trying to get up on par with "american idol." and they expected her to be such a huge name to bring those viewers. but it just didn't happen.
8:43 am
>> reporter: one thing is for sure. the show will be back next season. and there are some skeptics who say this rumored firing is all just one, big publicity stunt to drum up interest for the next season. >> shocking. >> aren't these shows supposed to be about the contestants? i feel like we're talking more about the judges lately. >> we're going to keep talking until we find out what happens. >> that's right. >> simon cowell is working. >> it is. thanks a, akiko. coming up here on "gma," want to perform on stage with beyonce at the super bowl? we'll tell you how, coming up next in "pop news." refunded the difference. and if it ft just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at
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you know what that music means. "pop news" time. abc's rachel smith, back with the latest hollywood stories for us. >> you know it. i love that music. i can't get enough of it. i can't get enough of the stories this week. we've been talking about babies and weddings all week long. the stories continue. there were congrats all around for shakira when her boyfriend, the soccer player gerard pique, announced she gave birth to their baby boy. the only thing is, it may have been just a prank. the couple only announced the pregnancy in september. pique had another tweet
8:49 am
yesterday, saying his name was inocencia. and wishing everyone a day of innocence, which is the april's fools day. all in good fun. kind of funny. so, beyonce won't headline her upcoming super bowl performance as a single lady. oh, no. 100 lucky fans will get in on the act. today, pepsi and beyonce, who is a brand ambassador for the soft drink company, kick off a contest where you can send in photos of yourself showing off your moves. it will be used in a tv ad introducing beyonce's performance. the cutoff is january 11th if you want to be part of the show. how cool is that? you can get in on the super bowl halftime act. i love it. and i love beyonce. we've been talking about this story all week long, kate winslet's secret wedding at the beginning of december. what wedding present do you give to a woman who has been to neverland, survived the "titanic" and was walked down the aisle by leonardo dicaprio?
8:50 am
well, a ticket to space, of course. a british newspaper reports kate winslet's new uncle-in-law, richard branson, has presented the new bride with a $200,000 trip on a virgin galactic flight. she will probably get preferential seating because ned rocknroll works for uncle richard's company, virgin galactic. >> that's his name? ned rocknroll? >> can we talk about that? >> legally changed. it is ned rocknroll. his birth name was able smith. but something a little snazzier. >> harris is not your original. it was rocknroll. >> it was changed from rocknroll at ellis island. now, it's harris. >> unbelievable. i don't know about you guys. but at 10 years old, i tried to get out of this chore. hitting the laundry room, doing good, old-fashioned laundry. but get a load of this kid rocking out in the laundry room. he's apparently been taking drum
8:51 am
lessons for over a year. and he owns a set of drums. but prefers percussion using the stainless steel drum of the family washing machine. >> pretty good. >> listen to this. >> really good. i think he's really good. really, really good. >> oh, wow. >> i was thinking, maybe you guys could get in on the act, too. and why don't you help this kid out? >> people are probably wondering why we have washing boards. >> let's see your skills. >> there you go, ron. >> oh. >> ron can actually do it. >> i like it. >> maybe beyonce will have you guys at her super bowl halftime show. >> backup. >> i'm just saying. be right back with more percussion and scintillating facts. keep it here.
8:52 am
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